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Specializing in Estates with Tools, Automobiles   & Workshops - We can auction it all or buy it





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email: or call 972-480-9500

Call or Text: Stephanie 469-853-0674

We can auction your items live or online or in some cases, buy your items outright

Specializing in Complete Business Closings and Surplus Inventory Management with

custom solutions to limit liability, maximize your return and work within your time frame


      Plant Liquidation Auctions                 Owners Retiring              Mergers and Acquisitions

We are flexible to fit your needs.  We have conducted auctions within 4 days of contract signing and have

taken more than 4 months with a series of auctions for a structured plant closing.  We handle the entire

operation, from marketing to logistics and we have delivered product into all 50 states and 38 countries. 

We can utilize various Live and Online Auction formats or Buy your Inventory Outright. 

For more information, contact Stephanie Green: 469-853-0674 or 972-480-9500

MAILING ADDRESS: 102 E. Broad Street, Box 1024 - Forney, TX 75126-1024

Phone: 972-480-9500 - Fax: 972-212-7314 -  2016   S. Green - TXL 15246 and M. Green - TXL 16038