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   Welcome to GreenBid Auctions, Inc.                        972-480-9500   

Green Bid Auctions has been involved in the online auction industry since March of 1999. 

We have more than 10 years experience in Designing, Building, Securing and Maintaining networks in the corporate environment.   We utilize our background in the technology sector to maximize seller's options in offering assets to the public and buyer's options to get great deals.

We can add an internet component to our Live Auctions for increased interest and competition. 

For smaller inventories and specialty items, we can list your items online for maximum exposure at a lower price.

Who put the

Green in GreenBid?

   Ok, our last name is Green, but that is not the only reason        we are GreenBid Auctions

The auction process itself is a form of recycling.  Things that are sold  at auction are more likely to find a purpose and less likely to end up in a landfill.  The computers, electronics and appliances that a seller no longer needs can be put to good use or repaired and resold.

When we do a walk-through of an auction site, we recommend that sellers not throw anything away.  There are some items that require special disposal or cannot be sold in opened or used condition, but most items can be grouped in lots for auction.

GreenBid Auctions works with metal and electronics recyclers to  insure that items that do not sell can be removed in a safe and responsible manner.

All sensitive information on buyers and sellers is shredded.  All non-sensitive paperwork is reloaded in the printer and we use both sides.  After use, all paperwork is shredded and either recycled or used for packing and shipping.










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