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Specializing in Estates with Tools, Automobiles   & Workshops - We can auction it all or buy it





   Welcome to GreenBid Auctions, Inc.                        972-480-9500   

We conduct Estate & Living Estate Auctions

via Live and Online auction venues. 

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or an

adjustment into assisted living, sometimes the additional

burden of an entire estate can be overwhelming.

Whether you are local and can take your time or need to

leave town and be advised from a distance, we can

accomodate your needs.

We can auction the assets from the estate location, you can

deliver them to our warehouse or we can have them moved

to our facility. 

We have varied and flexible auction venues and can work

around your schedule to monetize these assets.


Call for a consultation: 469-853-0134

References available upon request.



All assets will be sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" relieving heirs from any

future liability for functionality or logistics.

With an online sell-through of over 99%, we can give you a date for

all the items to be sold.  All items will go to the highest bidder

which eliminates haggling over assets individually and guessing the

price you will be able to achieve.






TIP:   Don't throw anything away.  Have the heirs pick the items they would like, then call us. 469-853-0134

TIP:  If you are taking home a dining room set, sofa or bedroom furniture, you can bring back the items you are replacing to be sold in the Estate Auction. We will designate you as a different consigner from the estate and write you a separate check.

TIP:   Variety attracts the largest number of bidders. Don't take the guns to a firearms dealer, list the vehicle(s)  in the paper and try to monetize special collections or assets separately. The larger the variety of items, the more interest created. 

TIP:  With a standard Estate Sale, you depend on advertising, local buyers and you cap the price you can get as soon as you put a tag on it.  We utilize an online auction venue and have sold into all 50 U.S. states and 38 countries. We handle packing and shipping and accept payments by credit card, wire transfer and PayPal payments to encourage bidders from all over.

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